Language: RussianEnglish


For more information or exact estimate call, fax or e-mail us.

Text translations 16 - 20 ¢ per word depending on:
size and type (general or special terminology) of the project
time of service (standard or rush service)
rush - same or next day service          standard - 2-3 days service
large (more than 5 pages) and special projects will have different determination of standard and rush service
$64 minimum per project
Fixed rates for particular documents
Passport $64
Certificate of Birth/Death Russian/Ukrainian - English $64
Certificate of Birth English - Russian $79
Certificate of Death English - Russian $94
Certificate of Marriage Russian/Ukrainian - English $64
Abstract of Marriage English - Russian $64
License and Certificate of Marriage English - Russian $99
Certificate of Divorce $64
High School Diploma/Attestat $64
College Diploma $64
Academic Grade Report/Transcript $64-159
Add $5 notarization fee for each document

$75/hour with a 2 hour minimum
Conventions, expos, trade shows, conferences in Las Vegas:
if the total amount of time the interpreter is needed for is:
9 to 15 hours - the charge is $70/hour
16 to 30 hours - the charge is $65/hour
more than 30 hours - the charge is $60/hour
For your convenience we can provide more than 1 interpeter per group.
Please note: the rates listed above do not include in-town transportation. We can provide an interpreter with a car for an additional charge of $15/hour.
A client is responsible for paying the on-site registration fee for a badge, which will allow an interpreter to enter the convention, expo, show or conferences.

Telephonic conference: $1/min with 30 minutes minimum

To get an estimate and/or place an order for interpretation/guide service, please fill out our
Order Form (Microsoft Word format)

Immigration service
Please call for the rates

Tax Return Preparation
Form 1040 $66
Schedule A $20
Schedule B $15
Schedule C $25
Schedule SE $15
Form 4562 $5
Form 2106 $20
Form 3903 $15
E-file free

Conference room for up to 10 persons $65/hr
Optional: interpeter service, cold drinks, etc,

Travel Visas to Russia
Please call for the rates

Tutoring (Russian language)
From $70 per hour with 10 hours minimum order.
Otherwise $75 per hour.

Foreign Diploma Evaluation
Foreign credential evaluation for immigration, employment, further education (college admission) and other purposes.
Course-by-course evaluation $260
General report for immigration or employment $170
For more information or exact estimate call, fax or e-mail us.
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